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tv   Fox 8 News at 530AM  FOX  November 29, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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good morning welcome to fox 8 news. it's tuesday november 29, 2016. the dc and here are just taking away. before you know it it will be christmas. it's a little windy and wet overnight. we was see what is up next. we can't be complaining about
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to see what's happening as far as our forecast is concerned. good morning. it's warming back up behind the front. the winds are boosting temperatures and it is also moving the rain out pretty quick we hudson peek when this between 45--- at 53. the wink us we only report the ones above 20 so there have b lower middle 50s for showers moving out with some breaks in the overcast we are anticipating some significant drier weather today in between two systems that came through late last night and then the next one that will come to sometime early tomorrow morning this going to be dryer in and unseasonably warm will see breaks of sunshine
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decrease later on this afternoon we mentioned chances of rain it will we see any snow on this eight-day forecast is close between east ninth answer. this is what's going on. they came. old that's cap i are hitting against the windows a cause some of the windows to break in their class on the roadway has a precautionary think they shut down he's ninth street. the heavy winds on the westside of town this is west 94th an old abandoned factory and winds
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that they are dealing with that. most of the new closure out in mentor. they are experiencing some power outages please make those four way steps out of been people have been tweeting that there getting dressed in the dark. talking with police they are hoping that it will reopen shortly the only time will tell. a reminder that power is out in some areas in please make those four way investigators are trying to determine is terrorism could be them motive behind monday's horrific attack at the ohio state university think 11 people were injured after a suspect plows his car into the crowd and then slashed his victims with a knife. relay more about the man who is responsible he shot and killed by police jessica dill has more on him and how students are trying to cope today. classes will recent they on campus at this investigation continues.
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after this. many students are acting to be together. students gathered last night for a prayer vigils on the scene a monday morning's attack the ohio state university family wanting to be together the question remains why did this happen police have identified the attacker and ohio state student of smalley to stand and permanent resident of the us. the city's complaint recently had facebook about attacks on muslims he was interviewed at the beginning the student newspaper we spoke to being a comfortable and openly price and conducting his muslims a prank as i'm a muslim but it's not what they are training to be a people look me i don't know what the thing. police are searching his apartment complex 7 miles away from campus we are now hearing from a neighbor of his. >> i just talked to this boys almost every day.
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he wasn't rude does was an disrespectful. his mother told the committee member that had been complaining about greats recently plastic president said that people should not rush to judgment about whether it was terrorism related or whether that it had anything to do with it. there was another person we do need to talk about that the officer who stopped us from getting much worse good look about that that and it praised is a hero coming up in the next >> thank you very much jessica. stay with us for continuing coverage of the attack in columbus will bring you the latest live on the air. get updates at number cleveland workers plan to rally for higher minimum wage that this part in a national day of action in support of a $15 minimum wage at noon agents will lead of valley out at hopkins airport and later in the dates they will --
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another rally at an area restaurants have been fighting for months or higher minimum wage aggressive each and then planning walk up to draw attention to the cause. they say they were surprised by the increase others say that there bills have been in consistent. the city runs its own electric plant civic control the costs associated with the power. they suggest residence get an energy audit will have their
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these are just cost $50 a lot of
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it is 50 degrees outside and will check in with scott sabol in just a couple of minutes for an update on what's happening weatherwise we do traffic and weather on the eighth.
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let's check in with scott to see if that's going to continue. >> winds are dying down it's so breezy but the worst of the worst of the winds is finally gone rain moving out of here temperatures have climbed we right now at 54 degrees at fox 8 peek when does a 53 miles per hour. before 2:00 a.m. the wink us have been around 25 degrees strongest winds moving along the warm front moving pennsylvania. akron rain now in the middle 50s our forecast showing a lot of dry weather we're going to start to see some breaks of sunshine later before the clouds increase the head of the next panhandle at this point it will stay dry with peaks of sunshine warmer with daytime highs will above 60 degrees big rear anticipating some showers to develop late think will talk more about that also look ahead
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whether not this could change over to's slushy wet friday morning. travelers having a hopkins airport will need a bit more cash if they plan to park there for a while. parking prices are now up $1 but it is giving travelers a reason to complain. >> it's a pay to park at -- pay to park got a little more pricey. they went up a dollar. it's still cheaper than the other foot and it's so much more convenient did the fare increase of $1 and all lots going into effect on thanksgiving day for example $117 inside the smart parking garage attached to the terminal it will now cost you $18 per day the cheapest lot is the ground at $9 per day france
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other airports throughout the country. if you look at any airport or nationally were in the lower percentiles parking rates for very competitive business because they offer premium parking at the airport there's another false airports opportunities you can go to. with those thoughts providing free shuttle service to and from the main terminal the additional revenue estimated to be around $1 million in will into the airports operating budgets therefore has already undergone major improvements in recent months to the tune of $36 million with changes including security checkpoints and parking signage. it seems that the cost is making those improvements. i don't travel it's a traveling that's it doesn't make a huge difference he's got to have improvements in security you got
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that's okay it's a hasn't gone up in a long time. jennifer jordan, fox 8 news airport has seen many improvements over the past couple of years at hopkins is not death other operational improvements will be made in 2017 has lots they're going to make pretty and they serve looking therefore is also more functional was we could always use. we could use a great job. it was torture about we're going through weather and traffic every eight minutes just ahead.
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he good morning. welcome back my name is patty harkin. good news. anzac great news he's mainstreet has reopen between euclid and the morning commute it is wonderful news that will alleviate some of the problems he's had this month. and mentor route close to was close for portion of the groton just spoke with mentor police about 20 has also the okaloosa have wires down in several areas staff. upon always some remind your children as well do not touch them. we have a power outage as well because intersections four way
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to the nothing like it was overnight. with more on the forecast here is scott. we mentioned power outages the damages before 2:00 a.m. as patty mention the winds are starting to die down and boosted temperatures at 55 degrees on the highs around for a fight with high temperatures through the month of november 25 degrees above averag similar to november of last year. notice the wink us are beginning to subside still breezy but we don't have those damaging winds as the warm front has finally lifted north and lifted the showers out of here as we look at our three-hour radar loop and we put those temperatures on the radar showing the nice warm up here thing we will keep them in mid 50s called the way this will work out as we start to
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could south and temperatures will continue to climb were looking for a high temperature into the lower 60s later today stays dry with mixture of clouds and sunshine the police will be with us for we've all had nearly those damaging winds that we had late last night we look ahead to tonight and tomorrow we mentioned about a week ago that these panhandle systems the develop over texas would be the main driver of our weather in this front coming in tomorrow is the third one over the last five days right now it doesn't really look like much and we are starting to see some cloud cover and a few showers and post access that lows going to deepen and this will really start to move southwest of northeast plate that were anticipating clouds to increase tonight with a few showers developing in southwestern ohio and eventually track through northern ohio this
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50-60 percent same deal early tomorrow that's more with temperatures should break above 60 it's about a quarter of an inch of me for noontime and it looks as if those winds will start to shift late tomorrow behind the front we look ahead so what happens thursday and friday look at our future radar there's another clipper system coming out of the northwest temperatures will start to fall daytime high on thursday and fridy 40s the lake is running well above normal square going to see some slushy wet snow developing with accumulations that seem to be relatively small the november jetstream since we had that cooldown late last week showed above normal temperatures across the country showing kind of a sudden drop which allows for temperatures to cool back down again more frequent weather systems tracking across the
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chances of seeing snow accumulation is 10-14 days will start to climb below average temperatures for the first 14 days of december most of the warmth will be shoveled further south with and we near average the last year's defense has been well above normal here in the short-term we start to s rain system maybe on sunday it would be pretty short-lived fox 8 news is your officials school closing station we are living on borrowed time keep me posted. thank you, sir. you're just getting up it's ten minutes until 6:00 a.m. pasta
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>> several years after families beloved pooch vanishing week unexpectedly reappeared it's an important lesson for all pet owners. the skating rink controversy have the manager of the japanese park describe the public reaction to frozen fish in the
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if the capitol christmas tree is in place and washington dc were dozens of volunteers are ready to decorated engleman spruce a ride on a read flatbed truck yesterday cruise then use the crane to lift and took place outside the capitol building paul ryan will lead to the tree lighting ceremony streak in the meantime on thursday night
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the switch to like that national christmas tree outside the white house. that owner of an ice skating rink in japan of it was called freezing poor and included 5,000 frozen fish crab since shellfish embedded in the eyes. public reaction was bruno the park without removing the religious services and have been converted into fertilizer they were dead before they friends them. a lot dozens of chillout was in their holiday finest responded san francisco yesterday waiting for flight the big apple in america has been working with animal rescuers in california since 2010 on operations to july lot airlift because of an overpopulation in the golden state they are being flown to
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support. snow is deeper in the east. a florida man has their dog back this morning after a three-year absence a maltese pomeranian mix vanished and december of 2013 per owner got a call from the new jersey animal shelter more than 1200 miles away workers were able to reunite them because of the microchip. those are obligatory animals fifth if you're just getting up it is 5:55 a.m. we know what people like. you need a dog wayne. i could could see you taking a little talk for a walk down the street. storm fox radar temperatures are
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that's our eight our forecast some breaks of sunshine it will be breezy today but we won't have nearly those 40 or 50-mile per hour cost. many locations think that could make a run at 60 degrees i think will stick with us until we need to change at the eight-day forecast coming out. we are looking forward to it four minutes until 6:00 a.m. building materials for some homes and how flour and sugar or in t of flour and sugar what it took to build the sweet home and create up private hallway holiday getaway. traffic is moving along nicely still early. patty harkin will be along with a look at your morning commute -- weather and traffic every eight
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overture that time of year when a lot of people and i was as old christmas pastry stresses 100 pounds of ginger powder do you look the walls for dessert. that's the news at 5:00 a.m. the news at six same begins right now. >> good morning.
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for sure. eric it's dark outside buzzing get light until about 7:00 a.m. or after a minute start again i like four. we've got some breaking news it's roof i don't. breaking news overnight and kids you're just waking up strong winds overnight causing parts of the couple of posing to actually collapse. an abandoned factory on mayfield happen it came crumbling down around 1:00 a.m. parts of the large frequent were less scattered all over the traffic had to be due to its crews responding to another partial building collapsed on spend road at the same chorizo point is science charge on east 73rd street large brick wall fell onto the sidewalk and part of it. it was good overnight cruise


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